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Our Story

10/13 Timeline

  • October 2007
    October 2007

    13th Street Media of Boulder, Colorado, purchases the Explorer in the northwest suburbs of Tucson, Arizona, serving Oro Valley, Marana and the surrounding area.

  • August 2009
    August 2009

    After many years of friendship, 10k Investments (owned by Arne Hoel and Brett Coleman) and 13th Street Media (owned by Randy Miller) form a new partnership called 10/13 Communications. The objective is to pursue acquisitions meeting specific criteria with a focus on strong, local media.

  • December 2009
    December 2009

    10/13 Communications bids for the Arizona assets of Freedom Communications during its bankruptcy process. These assets include the Ahwatukee Foothills News, East Valley Tribune, Sun City Daily News Sun, Glendale/Peoria Today, Surprise Today and Arizona Interactive Media Group.

  • March 2010
    March 2010

    10/13 Communications takes control of the Phoenix-based business and begins the process of reorganizing and rebuilding. The Explorer of suburban Tucson is moved into the 10/13 organization. The number of 10/13 employees grows to 200. The Arizona operations, which had operated at a significant loss under the former owners, became profitable from the first month.

  • October 2010
    October 2010

    10/13 Communications celebrates its first birthday with an epic bash showing how the 10/13 culture and business practices have reinvigorated all the Arizona businesses. The tradition continues with an annual 10/13 day party at all company sites.

  • December 2010
    December 2010

    10/13 Communications finishes its first calendar year and shows a revenue increase of 1545%.

  • August 2011
    August 2011

    The next expansion phase begins as 10/13 Communications evaluates the purchase of the Dallas operations of American Community Newspapers.

  • December 2011
    December 2011

    The first full year of operations for 10/13 Communications shows a revenue increase of 35%.

  • January 2012
    January 2012

    10/13 Communications begins the process of negotiation with ASP Westward for the purchase of its Houston area newspapers.

  • February 2012
    February 2012

    The purchase of American Community Newspapers' Dallas newspapers is completed.

  • June 2012
    June 2012

    The purchase of ASP Westward's Houston newspapers is completed. Total employees nears 500 with a projected total revenue growth for 2012 of 169%.

  • March 2013
    March 2013

    10/13 Communications acquires ITZ Publishing Group, Inc. and Greg Swanson, founder and CEO of ITZ, has joined 10/13 in the newly created role of General Manager/Strategy and Development.

  • March 2013
    March 2013

    Lake Cities Sun & Argyle Sun join Star Local Media.

  • December 2013
    December 2013

    10/13 Communications launches itzdigital, a strategic marketing company.

  • April 2014
    April 2014

    10/13 Communications expands further in Tucson with the purchase of multiple Tucson publications. The Marana News, Foothills News, Desert Times and related websites were acquired from Tucson West Publishing, Inc. The Tucson Weekly and Inside Tucson Business were purchased from Wick Communications.

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1013 Communications is not your run-of-the-mill media company. Our innovative publications, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning East Valley Tribune, fill a distinct niche in our Arizona and Texas suburban markets - one that is not being met by more traditional media sources. Our papers boast hyper-local reporting and innovative distribution models. We are tied to our communities through our papers' histories and reputations.

We offer local and national advertising opportunities through our traditional newspapers and printed publications, as well as electronic media such as internet and phone applications.

Clipper Marketplace and itzdigital complete the picture by helping businesses develop cutting-edge marketing strategies that integrate direct mail, e-mail campaigns, SEO, websites, and all things print and digital!

Take a moment to explore what 1013 has to offer and you will see why we consider ourselves A NEW KIND OF MEDIA COMPANY.

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10/13 Communications has five incredible work places to choose from in Arizona across the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, or in Texas across the Dallas and Houston areas. If you are just starting your career, or if you're ready to move up in the world, there is no bad place to land in our incredible organization.

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